Welcome to my blog! My name is Carmen I am a mommy of two boys and married to an amazing husband! God is by first the love of my life and I feel so blessed to finally start my blog since its something I have been wanting to do for a very long time! My blog will be all about changes that will take place in our family. I will be sharing my DIY organizing in the home as well as meal planning! I will be incorporating budgeting because I am all about wanting to save my family money. With a five month old and a five-year old I have never realized how unorganized my life actually is in many ways. I really thought I would never say that! I haven’t had a sense of time and I want to make every moment count with my Beautiful family. Along the way I will also share words of encouragement when days are just simply off the wall! I would love to fill you in on my experiences as a mother and typical everyday life. I hope you stick around and follow me through this Journey!