You Will Never Be Quenched You Will Never Drown

Ever have a prayer request that has not been answered, but this one is beyond one of the biggest desires of your heart. That prayer request to see the Lord pull you through by any way as possible. You’ve hurt, you’ve cried and perhaps at times you have been silent by it. At a given point in our life’s that request becomes our strength, our Hope in Jesus. At a given point in your life that request becomes your love and passion for God. More of him less of us. That prayer request becomes alone time with God. That prayer request becomes the answer to all the times you have told God to change me, mold me, change my thinking, change my ways. Sometimes change hurts and it not because God desires you to go through it He hurts when we hurt but because we all live in a fallen world it is through him that we can make it in such difficulties. That prayer request that has over taken, beat you down, over shadowed you and have made you scream at many times. That prayer request that is making you feel like you are being drowned from hearing no answers whether it’s a yes, no, or just wait.

There is nothing like a storm when you know it has to be God or nothing. There is no other storm when you experience true trust. There is no other storm like the kind you could never even try to fix it on your own. There is no other storm like the one that will not be calm unless it’s only by his Divine Love and Power. This is how it has been for many of us at one point in our life’s. This is one of those moments for me. As I laid my six year old to sleep one night. I opened God’s Word just hoping he would give me something. Give me something all I wanted was his word. I was drowning that’s how it felt. And this is why I know that even though I do not  see that answered prayer request, even though he hasn’t said yes, no, or wait. My heart tells me that he will bring me above waters. And how do I know this? I will tell you why. I literally was sitting in the floor waiting for my son to fall asleep and I said please God give me something. I will take anything please reach out!  His word is more profound then an answered prayer as he will always keep his promises. This is where the Lord leads me to.

“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it”

Song of Solomon 8:7


This really impacted me. I had to keep repeating it over and over. I even cried.


Many waters?


Financial struggles

Strayed children

Broken Marriage

Guilt of past


Job Loss

Hurricane Disasters



Non healthy relationships

Difficult boss

Someone labeled you




Loss of a Love One

No sense of purpose

That Thing you want to un do, erase forever

Not seeing your loved ones enjoying the Lord with you

That my friends are just the few waters we face everyday. Some are temporary. Some are there for a long time. Some are there until our last breathe but the Lord will put it to pass even if we do not see it with our own physical eyes. But when I heard the next part “Cannot Quench Love” I was amazed. That job loss, that illness, that difficult boss, that label, that loss of a love one, hate, among so much more “Cannot Quench Love”! Want to know why, Because God is Love! Many waters Cannot Quench God because he is in you for you and because he is with you and in you he is Never Quenched because he is Love. Oh My!! Can somebody please shout of Joy with me.

And then it says “neither can the floods drown it” Yes those waters, that prayer you will not stop praying about will not drown you because God is in you! God could never be drown, beaten or dismissed.

So as you keep praying keep telling your heart you will not be quenched, you will not be drowned. God is Love and he is for you! That thing that keeps you up at night will be your Joy will be your Laughter will be your remember God when I thought I wouldn’t make it, if you did it before you will do it again. That thing you are praying so hard for is God’s Glory. If you haven’t heard anything yet from the Lord keep praying keep pushing this request is your breakthrough in the spirit. This prayer is your no one can tell you other wise. This prayer is your I do not care who is with me, that prayer is your I do not care if anyone cares or who is trying to knock you down. That prayer my friend is you finding God in the mess and his Love will shine. You will not be quenched, you will not drown!!

Stay Blessed Yall!



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