Hub Cap Love

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Couple of months ago as I was driving I heard a noise. Realizing it was my hub cap that went flying off. I could of parked to find it, but I had fussy kids in the back so I drove off. To be honest I did not even bother to look up how much it would cost to get another one. I just did not see the importance of it because to me it was a small thing. I didn’t care about it. Now I can tell you of all the times when I pray I tell God I know its something small and I am sorry for asking, I know others are in worse situation maybe what I am going through is not so bad. Others have cancer my kids are healthy maybe I can bare this. And we tend to do that a lot we minimize what we go through because others trails may seem so big. But what we don’t understand that no matter how it looks a trail is a trail big or small it is specifically tailored to the character God wants you to be. God will not give us anything that we can not bare whether that is an illness or financial struggles. Whether it is something so small as losing a hub cap or losing your keys anything I mean anything that happens to you matters to God. And God gave me a reminder of this because I kept saying I know its small, I know others have it worse. But its my process and it hurts so even if I humble myself to see others pain more of a problem I cant minimize the challenges that comes my way. Its part of me my story.
With this being said My husband came to me one afternoon saying “Hey did you see the hub cap someone left by your wheel” My face of confusion. I responded and said “no I was in a rush this morning I left I didn’t see anything”. I am being honest I had a rough day, I had cried, I was losing hope, I struggle so much that day. As my husband looks back outside he says “hey its still there”. Now I got a bit excited! I told him to go get it! We both laugh. He went outside and says “not sure if this will fit your car, its also a bit broken but lets check it out”. He went to check it fits but he had to screw it in. It was the same size we just did not have the screws. As I was in the kitchen after a rough day I started to laugh. God reminded me that he cares about everything in my life even that hub cap that I did not care about. And I felt so reassured that he is listening and watching literally everything in my life! I experienced so much joy through a hub cap can you believe that. Yes the hub cap is not the same and yes its a little broken but it fits. And yes I can ignore it and buy a new one but you know what I really now want it as a reminder that God cares about everything in my life even the small things and that I need to stop minimizing my trails because others circumstances looks different then mines. And yes others trails have impacted me to be more humble that is for sure. My trails are to build character in me and so are yours. It is great to be humble but do not minimize your struggles its part of your process! God literally gave me this lesson through a hub cap. I couldn’t stop laughing yall!!! God has such an amazing humor!!
“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.”
Luke 12:6-7

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